S3E9: Statistical Insights from a Librarian with Jared AnjwierdenS3E9:

Today I’m talking to public Librarian Jared Anjwierden. He works in the Salt Lake County library system, which is considerably large with 20 branches. While managing the Teen collection, he gleaned some insights into what books people are checking out again and again. Sit back, maybe take some notes, and then join us again in March because we don’t finish this conversation in one episode.

Jared’s own books can be found on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/stores/J.-M.-Anjewierden/author/B071DG1X1L

And, shameless plug: My first book, Nightshade Unicorn: Forerunner, comes out next Wednesday, February 28, 2024! It is coming in eBook, paperback, and hardcover, and will be available (sooner or later) on Amazon and other outlooks, including my own store. (That’s yet to be set up. Like I said, sooner or later.) As of right now, you can pre-order the eBook at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVW6CBV9/ Enjoy!

S3E8: Geeking Out with the Bishops

I wanted to do something special as we approach the launch of my first book in two weeks. So today we bring you a special podcast episode – I bring my father and sister on the show to geek out and talk about this or that, related to Fantasy and Science Fiction. Enjoy the conversation!

S3E7: How to Launch a Book with Author Spouse and Indie Publisher Christine Eriksen

We had Devon Eriksen on the show on November 9, 2023, just prior to the launch of his book, “Theft of Fire.” Now we discuss with his wife Christine, about all the support she provided to make it happen – coordinating beta readers, printers, publicizing on Twitter/X and on podcasts, and much more. The book appears to be doing well, currently having 264 ratings on Amazon, so I’d say her work produced good results. (The book’s average rating is 4.7 stars, so it seems that Devon’s work in writing it also produced good results!)

My previous interview with Devon Eriksen:

Books: https://devoneriksen.com/

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