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What if a child were born holding a sword? Literally holding a sword.

The Farellas are born with weapons. These weapons are immediately confiscated and hidden on another world in a secret location, reserved until their rightful owners are old enough to master them. This has been the history for generations of Farella rule over Grendhill. Children born to the ruling Farella heir or heiress are born to protect the realm from invasion and war. They are born to train, to study, and to serve their people, marked by their royal arms which never rust or chip, their superlative skill as they master the art of defense, and their intelligence and benevolence toward their people.

Until Aton is born without a weapon in his hands.

Aton and his four siblings (quintuplets!) grow up as tradition demands, until their day of Departure, when Domire, Valkyr, Misolfa, and Tido travel to Harrval to retrieve their weapons and train in isolation. Aton stays behind and narrowly misses witnessing his parents being abducted.

Now the five siblings need to steer Grendhill through this national crisis while trying to rescue (or ransom?) their parents in the middle of a period that is supposed to be a time of isolation and concentration for them.

* * * * *

This is a story I have been dreaming up for several years. On this website, you, my dear reader, can read it as it unfolds, as I type it out. This of course means you are not reading a finished product. As I write on, some things may change. I may revise past chapters. This will be part of the endeavor to make it a better product in the end. One day I hope to publish a book, physical and electronic. I aim to make it as exciting and enveloping as possible, and good ideas do not always come overnight. (Although the basic concept for this novel did indeed come overnight, the product of a dream I had in October 2010 while considering what to write about the following month for NaNoWriMo.)

I have attempted this once before, but left off after a month or two. Life is busy, friend! But now (March 2020) I’m back at it.

But if you like my product, share it! Get the word out! Let’s get some traffic here, and I’ll keep the story going!

Of course, if you want to give me a freebie and donate on my Patreon page, I won’t say no.

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Suggestions? Input? Talk to the Facebook page, Tweet at me, or contact me however you like.

– Don Bishop

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