The Grendhill Chronicles Podcast

What if a child were born holding a sword? Like, literally holding a sword.

The Farellas are born with weapons. These weapons are immediately confiscated and hidden on another world in a secret location, reserved until their rightful owners are old enough to master them. This has been the history for generations of Farella rule over Grendhill. Children born to the ruling Farella heir or heiress are born to protect the realm from invasion and war. They are born to train, to study, and to serve their people, marked by their royal arms which never rust or chip, their superlative skill as they master the art of defense, and their intelligence and benevolence toward their people.

Until Aton is born without a weapon in his hands.

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The Grendhill Chronicles Podcast
The Grendhill Chronicles Podcast
Don Bishop

A YA Fantasy story narration and discussion.

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